1. What is UnitedFoodRepublic?
UnitedFoodRepublic is a crowdfunding network which connects food lovers. At UFR creators of new food concepts or already existing concepts are able to get their project or franchise concept funded based on Crowd funding. Food lovers who want a project implemented can prepay their food by buying vouchers.

2. What is Crowd funding?
Crowd funding is a form of funding by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people.

3. What kind of projects can take part at UnitedFoodRepublic?
At UnitedFoodRepublic creators can send in creative new food projects as well as start a franchise of an existing food concept. We even evaluate enlargements or renovations of existing projects.

4. Why should I choose UnitedFoodRepublic for my food project?
UFR is the first and only platform in Spain and soon Europe for food lovers where creators of new food projects and already existing ones can get their projects funded.

5. Do projects need a financing goal?
Yes, each project needs a financing threshold/hurdle as well as a financing limit. The financing threshold has to be reached at least to start with the implementation of the project. Also the creator has to select a financing limit, together with our support. If the project reaches this limit, the funding is complete. The funding limit is the maximum amount the project can achieve.

6. How long is a project published on UFR?
The creator together with UFR decides on the duration his project is published on UFR. The creator can choose between 30 to 60 days. In this period the project must achieve the funding threshold to get implemented. When a project reaches the financing limit, the funding is complete and the creator can start to turn his project into practice as well.

7. Is there a guarantee of a successful achievement of the funding?
No, there is no guarantee for the successful achievement of a project's funding. Thus the creator doesn't claim to any money, if the financing threshold wasn't reached. But the project's creator can maximize the chance of a successful achievement, if he is convinced from his own food concept by himself and if he has an attractive presentation of his project. Make the food project public by posting it on Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

8. What happens if the financing threshold of the project has not been reached?
If the funding threshold is not accomplished in the chosen period, the creator will not receive the funding. The coupons are redeemable in other establishments which form part of the UFR network.

9. What is the difference between the financing threshold and the financing limit?
The threshold is an amount that is necessary at least for the implementation of a project. Only if the threshold is achieved in the duration, the initiator receives the money and is able to bring his concept into practice. Otherwise the supporters will be able to redeem their vouchers in other restaurants and establishments which form part of the UFR network. The financing limit is the maximal amount that is necessary for the projects implementation. When the project reaches this limit, the funding is complete regardless of the remaining time.

10. Can I share a project in social networks?
Yes, creators and supporters as well as fans of food are able to and should share a project in social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus or to forward the project by email. So the projects get more attention and there is a higher chance for more supporters.

11. Can everybody start a project on UFR?
Yes, everybody who reached the majority age can start a project on UFR after we screened and approved the business proposal. The project has to deal with food and must match our guidelines and terms of services.

12. How do I start a project?
Just make a business proposal and send it to UFR. Name a realistic financing threshold that is needed to implement your food project; you also should send us pictures, presentations and videos. We will check it for graveness, chances of success, spelling mistakes and when it is corrected and sound, we will publish it on UFR for 30 - 60 days.

13. What is a business proposal?
A business proposal is a type of detailed presentation of the food concept.
Describe your concept, capabilities and products: Who is behind it? What is your idea? What guarantees its success? Where is the optimal place for the store? List the upcoming costs, works...

14. Can the project also expand or open a franchise?
Yes, we also evaluate expansion projects, even enlargements or renovations of existing projects. Furthermore, also franchise or other chain concepts can be sent in for evaluation.

15. How many projects can I send to UFR?
Each person is allowed to send just one project to UFR so that he can concentrate on the implementation of it.

16. Does the creator keep the ownership of the project?
Yes, the creator will keep 100% of the ownership regardless if it was funded by supporters or uploaded on UFR.

17. Do I have to pay for the service on UFR?
Publishing a project on UFR is free. Only if the funding threshold is achieved and the money will be transferred to the initiator, UFR raises a fee for the service of 5 -10%, subject to the input of UFR and the collected amount. In addition the creators have to pay the standard transaction fee in PayPal. It will be subtracted from the funded amount before remitting the money to the creator.

18. Can the creator offer special benefits for the supporter like discounts?
Yes, the creator can offer special benefits for the supporter like discounts, customer cards and free meals. That makes the food project more attractive to get supported.

19. Can I edit my project after UFR published it?
You can send us proposal for edition of some parts of your project, and we will evaluate this. You are not allowed to change the funding threshold or limit or similar in a later stage.

20. Can UFR take away a project?
Yes, UFR can delete a project, if it injures our guidelines, the terms of service or the law.

21. Can the creator keep the supporters up to date?
Yes, when the project achieved the funding goal, the creator should thank his supporters by writing an email. He also should keep them up to date about the status of the new food store.

22. After the successful achievement of the funding limit I realize that I cannot complete my project as scheduled. What should I do?
Please contact UFR immediately. We will help you to find a solution.

23. What if the projects will definitely not be realized? What happens to the prepaid vouchers?
UFR offers equivalent vouchers; those will be posted on the project page; we will tell you what will happen with the vouchers.

Supporters / Food lovers

24. Why should I support a project?
Each one who is interested in great food in his neighborhood or in his city should support a project. You can help the creators to implement their ideas. After prepaying the food the supporters receive vouchers redeemable after the opening of the food store. In addition some food concept creators offer special benefits just for the supporters (get invited to the launching party, discounts, customer cards).

25. How can I trust the food concept creator?
Before the project is published on UFR, we screen the project for graveness and chances of success. If you don't know the creator personally, the posted videos, photos and description of the project can give you an idea of the food concept and of the person who is behind the idea. Additionally if you want to know more about him or the project, you have the opportunity to send a private message to us that we will forward to the creator. The creator had to commit to us that he creates his project after successful funding. Anyhow, if you have the impression the supporter is not willing to implement his project, you can send a message to us and we will look into it.

26. Are there any additional costs for me as a supporter?
No, a supporter doesn't have to pay anything at UFR except for paying the vouchers.

27. Can I get in touch with the creator of the project?
Send us an email to and we will forward your request.

28. How do I support a project?
As a food lover who wants a new creative food concept or is happy with the renovation or expansion of existing place, you can prepay food by buying vouchers.

29. How do I prepay?
On PayPal you have different opportunities to pay. Either you pay with credit card or with bank transfer.

30. I don't have a PayPal account. Can I still prepay food?
No. We're sorry, but the only option to prepay food is PayPal. Give PayPal a chance; there are no costs for you using PayPal. The registration is safe and done in a few steps.

31. Can I redeem the vouchers in other restaurants or food stores?
We will give you different options to redeem the vouchers on a one-on-one basis, different for each case.

32. Do the supporters get the money back, if the funding of a project didn't come off?
The supporters will not get their money back, but they will be able to redeem their vouchers in other establishment of the UFR network.

33. Can I withdraw my payment?
You should do all supports and buying vouchers in mind. If you once made a payment, the creator expects your support. Once you have made a transaction for a project, you are able to withdraw your support within 7 days. You can see all your transactions in your profile.

34. Who will inform me as a supporter when the food store is launched?
When the new food store approaches the opening, we'll send you an email that you can redeem your vouchers soon.

35. How can I redeem my vouchers?
After the food concept has been realized and the store is opened the supporters can cash their vouchers. For each project we define some specific rules for redeeming their vouchers, depending on the vouchers, etc.