Do you have a new idea to start a new gastronomic concept or do you want to start a franchise?

Do you have a location for your new establishment? Have you also got your team together? You know that it will work but the only thing you miss is some (more) money to put your concept into action?

Send in your executive summary to; we will screen it and ask you for more information (business plan, team, amount of already obtained funding, etc.). When UFR has approved your business proposal, together we will select a period of the publication of your project. We'll set a financing threshold/hurdle that has to be reached at least to start the implementation of your project as well as a financing limit. Jointly we define the vouchers, types of discounts and other benefits that the customers can receive.

We present your project to the consumers on UFR. It's important to have a good presentation of your project with nice photos and videos. Once the deadline is over, there are two scenarios:

The financing threshold has not reached 100%. In this case the money will be paid back unless the supporters decide to use the vouchers for alternative projects.

100% of the financing threshold has been collected at least. In this case the creator receives the collected money less a commission for UFR and the transaction costs for PayPal. The commission for UFR is between 5 and 10 % depending on the input of UFR and the collected amount. Just as the financing limit is reached, the funding is complete.

Now you can start to implement your concept.
Remember: Keep the food lovers who have supported your business up-to-date about the state of your business and the financing. Don't forget to thank the people for their support who made your project possible.